We believe at GoldenADU that a home is more than just the living space, but it’s on such stages that life’s most valued and celebrated moments are played. It should be a place every square foot of which offers comforts and efficiencies yet value in terms of both material used and time spent. That’s why we’ve devoted us to redefine the concept of space through our home expansion comprehensive services.

Started with a vision of simplifying the home improvement journey, GoldenADU functions as an icon of innovation and dependability in the globe of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and home expansions. Our services that are deeply rooted in the tenets and pillars of quality and integrity are dedicated to seeing your home transformed into a haven of possibilities.

Our Experience

Garage Conversion

Converting waste spaces into newly enriching areas of living.

Basement Conversion

Unlocking the value under your feet for your comfort and new worth.

Attached ADU

Enlarging your living space, without disturbing the shape and structure of your house.

Room Addition

Opening every inch to customization and evolving lifestyle needs.

Second Story

Expanding home character and volume skyward, with a focused second story.

Detached ADU

Delivering standalone sanctuaries for privacy and versatility.

Our Process

Architectural Plans

A group of our experienced architects transcribes your vision into blueprints combining form, function and finesse.


Navigating through the bureaucratic jungle can be a scary prospect. We cut through the red tape to make sure everything is fully compliant to all those local regulations and standards.


Quality is our edifice on which your satisfaction builds. Our team of impeccable craftsmen and project managers ensures each nail, tile, sanitary fitting is placed perfectly in its right place and stands there to complete the exquisite building erected by your visions.

Our Philosophy

Having words infused, with the philosophical depths of Bill Bonner and inspired by the narrative finesse living legend Drayton Bird, reside packed with stories resonating the homeownership. We realize that an ADU is more than adding a new structure to your property; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life story. Our content will be filled with real-life examples proving that we’re serious about making this process easier and better for you.