Converted ADU

Golden ADU specializes in transforming your underutilized spaces into vibrant, fully-functional living areas through our Converted Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). We reimagine your existing structures, such as garages, basements, or underused rooms, turning them into modern, comfortable, and efficient living spaces. Our approach ensures that every square inch of your property is optimized, providing you with a smart solution to expand your living area without the need to extend the footprint of your home.

Why Choose Converted ADU?

Maximize Your Space

 Transform your seldom-used garage into a vibrant living area, home office, gym, or an additional bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

Increase Property Value

A well-executed garage conversion can significantly boost your home’s market value, offering a substantial return on investment.

Customized Solutions

At GoldenADU, we understand that every homeowner’s needs are unique. We offer personalized solutions to ensure your new space aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.

Our Converted ADU Process

Plans Approval

Secure official approvals with meticulously crafted architectural plans, ensuring a solid start to your project.


Lay a robust, enduring foundation, tailored to support your dream structure's longevity and safety.


Erect a precise, sturdy frame, shaping the basic structure and defining your space's layout.


Craft an appealing, durable exterior, blending aesthetics and protection to complement your home's character.

Interior Finishes

Finalize with bespoke interior finishes, transforming your space into a functional, stylish haven

Embrace the Potential of Your ADU

Envision a cozy guest suite, a creative studio, a home office, or a comfortable living area for your family — all within your existing property. With GoldenADU, your underused space is a canvas, and we are here to help you paint the perfect picture.