Popular ADU Floor Plans for 2024

As homeowners look for innovative ways to maximize their property’s potential, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have surged in popularity. The right floor plan can significantly impact the functionality, aesthetic appeal, and future resale value of your ADU. Let’s explore the most popular ADU floor plans for 2024, highlighting their advantages to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Versatile Floors Plans for Your ADUs

Let’s say you’re planning to build an ADU in your spacious backyard, for instance. After reviewing various floor plans, you end up even more confused than when you started! 

With options ranging from cozy studios to spacious two-bedroom designs, you find yourself particularly overwhelmed by choices. Each plan seems better than the last, and you can’t decide which one aligns with your vision and budget. 

What you need during this process is an especially helpful guide that breaks down the pros and cons of each, helping you navigate all the possibilities. Therefore, our quick look at some of the most common floor plans should help make things clearer for you.

The following ADU floor plans are popular because of their versatility and effective space utilization:

Studio Layout

The studio layout is a favorite for its simplicity and efficiency. This open-plan design combines living, sleeping, and kitchen areas in one versatile space, making it ideal for singles or couples. Its compact nature allows for creative design solutions to maximize every inch of space.

One-Bedroom Layout

Offering a bit more privacy and space, the one-bedroom layout separates the bedroom from the living areas. This plan is perfect for guests or renters looking for a traditional apartment feel within a smaller footprint.

popular adu floor plans


Two-Bedroom Layout

The two-bedroom ADU floor plan caters to small families or homeowners looking to maximize rental income. This layout appeals to a broader range of potential renters or family members because it provides more living space and privacy.

Loft Design

A loft design features an open, airy upper level for sleeping or office space, therefore adding character and volume to the ADU. This layout is particularly appealing to those who appreciate architectural features and a modern aesthetic.

popular adu floor plans


Garage Conversion

Turning a garage into an ADU is a practical choice for many homeowners. This plan often involves repurposing existing space, which can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly, all while adding valuable living space to your property.

Overview of Popular ADU Floor Plans

Floor Plan Pros
Studio Layout Efficient, open-plan, cost-effective
One-Bedroom Added privacy, traditional feel
Two-Bedroom Ideal for families, higher rental income
Loft Design Modern, spacious, aesthetic appeal
Garage Conversion Cost-effective, sustainable, practical

Choosing the right floor plan for your ADU in 2024 depends on your specific needs, budget, and property constraints. Whether you prioritize simplicity, privacy, or maximizing rental income, there’s a floor plan that fits your goals.


At GoldenADU, we help you deal with the headache of choosing the right floor plan and design for your dwelling. Our ADU experts carefully walk you through the best options for you based on your specific circumstances. As a result, you get the best floor plan for your property that will make it a liveable and loveable property.

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What is the most cost-effective ADU floor plan?

Studio layouts are generally the most cost-effective due to their compact size and efficient design.

Can I modify a popular floor plan to suit my needs?

Yes, most floor plans can be customized to better fit your property and preferences.

How important is choosing the right floor plan for resale value?

The right floor plan can significantly impact your ADU’s appeal to future buyers or renters, enhancing its resale value.

Are two-bedroom ADUs worth the extra investment?

If you have the space and budget, a two-bedroom ADU can offer higher rental income and appeal to a broader market.

How can I maximize space in a small ADU?

Opt for multipurpose furniture and built-in storage solutions to make the most of your ADU’s footprint.

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